'round here

didn't have a camera by my side this time / hoping i would see the world with both my eyes / maybe i will tell you all about it / when i'm in the mood to lose my way with words

field notes from life lately:

  • we don't have a TV but we do hulu it up from time to time. current guilty pleasures: so you think you can dance + project runway.
  • and it needs to be said that we heart poirot. the character. the art deco. just everything.
  • elinor has been rearranging and sorting and cleaning like a woman possessed.
  • we have been eating a ton of zucchini. you know, because what else grows this time of year in AZ?
  • digging needtobreathe + french bistro tunes + jazz + crowder + imagine dragons + JT
  • oh, and i heard fancy {the original, non-spoof version} for the first time a few days ago and it is stuck in our heads. ben's too.
  • really wanting the next season of sherlock to happen.
  • we are talking tats. ben is totally getting another sometime. and it is so cool.
  • summer has been all about taking elinor to the backyard and just hosing her down. watermelon juice calls for drastic measures.
  • elinor is raw goat milk obsessed. hoping to get my hands on some camel milk sometime...just because.
  • we are quasi-potty-training. you know, for kicks.
  • making some car decisions and plans for the now and the future.
  • elinor has started saying, "um" and it kills me.
  • making lists and plans for our ten-year in paris.
  • getting excited for the beach.
  • elinor likes to eat papa's pizza sauce by the spoonful.
  • also, elinor has started saying, "thank you" {tee-kee} after every. little. thing. and it melts my heart. gosh.
  • plotting a backyard remodel.
  • exploring gilbert.
  • speaking of gilbert, i was pulled over for the first time and received my first ticket. and i was a disaster.
  • consequently, i have an online date with driving school this weekend!
  • family bear crawl time because elinor thinks it is hilarious.
  • reading all kinds of good books.
  • getting ready to juice myself silly with my new toy.
  • connecting with some incredible folks in real life and instagramland.
  • bought more moccs for elinor because, i have a problem.
  • finally took the plunge and bought myself a heavy-duty, rolls royce yoga mat. it is about to get serious.
  • planning some fun meet-ups with friends.
  • praying a lot.
  • being amused by elinor's dramatic high-step dance move that she pairs with an exaggerated, "ssssssstep!"
  • eating fruit like it is my job.
  • annoyed by our recent and unwelcome houseguest, mr. cricket who is definitely not as charming as jiminy.
  • loving the long, warm nights. but hating the long, warm nights.