go shorty, it's your birthday

oh boy. this has been such a splendiferous weekend. it was everything that i wanted a thirtieth birthday to be. the perfect mix of celebration and family gatherings and relaxation and pampering and alone time with my man. sigh. we packed a whole lot into a few days. and i am still coming down from the sugar high. i felt so gosh darn spoiled and overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness and generosity of the people in my life. here's a smattering of moments from my big 30 including baseball and family meals and my birthday haul. my people know me so well. everything was PERFECT.

IMG_0060 IMG_0067 IMG_0069 IMG_0068 IMG_0064 IMG_0061 IMG_0062 IMG_0070 IMG_0075 IMG_0059 IMG_0074 IMG_0073 IMG_0058

3-0 you are a-ok.

thanks for celebrating with me, family and friends!