farmstand and foodtrucks

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another wonderful wednesday at the farm. albeit an incredibly sweaty trip to the farm. it gets drippier and drippier each time we go. but, it is good for ya. being outdoorsy and melting away... it toughens us up. all that air conditioning spoils us.

i put on a lightweight romper and my go-to summertime hat. miss elinor rocked her daisy dukes. we grabbed our stuff and off we went! this week, ben and i ordered his and hers cheese crisps from uprooted kitchen. and once again, that fabulous food truck did not disappoint. so good. just so good.  a whole wheat vegan tortilla filled with sesame slaw + maple seitan + kale + ginger + cauliflower + eggplant + carrot cashew miso spread + organic mozzarella + hoisin dipping sauce. and that adorable purslane on top. quite the power-packed garnish.

after placing our order and chatting it up with the truck owner, i grabbed two as-big-as-they-come iced decaf americanos to help beat the heat and to pair nicely with our mocha chia quinoa pudding.

we nibbled away and shared the yumminess with elinor. she enjoyed all the food but liked the dip the best. she is really into dipping things right now. i think it makes her feel like a grown up. and sometimes she gets some rather unusual combinations going. last night she stuck to tortilla as a vessel for that tasty sauce and would shove pieces of seitan into her mouth between dips. so, i guess she liked it. and after she had a chipmunk mouthful going, she reached over for my coffee and nodded wildly. for kicks, i gave it to her. surprise surprise, she loved that stuff. okaaaaay, a coffee loving toddler. super. but for her health and our sanity, we'll stick with the decaf.

while elinor enjoyed her dessert, ben went to the car to grab our CSA box. while he was away, a darling little family wandered over to say hello. the cute mama with fabulously fringy bangs and oversized sunnies smiled and introduced herself as staceyjean from instagram. stacey and i connected not too long ago on instgram and last night, we got to meet in person, for realsies. too fun, right? yay for instameetups! ben came back to the table and the families had full and formal introductions and swapped a few stories. it was a brief but pleasant encounter. and right then and there, i decided that i will most definitely be arranging a family meet-up at the farm for our crazy little IG community. details TBD...and most definitely to occur once this darn heat chills a bit.

once elinor polished off the dessert and i managed to clean those pesky chia goobers from her face, we wandered over to the farmstand to grab our CSA goodies and a few extras. an extra dozen eggs and a seeded loaf from noble bread because when noble bread shows up to the party, you go for it.

with produce and goodies in hand, we strolled back to the car and poured our melted selves in. at home, we cooled off with some bread and agritopia marmalade. a swell evening, indeed.