headwraps and ring slings and veggies


our weekly trip to the farm was another smashing success. elinor and i rocked some headwraps {vintage scarves from my grandma ridley} and ben snapped a couple pics. once that was a wrap... i grabbed our sling and our little family took a little drive.

we made a beeline to the food truck zone to order up some grub.  oh-so-yummy dishes from uprooted kitchen and some iced decaf americanos to pair with our raw coconut almond date nugget. we sat and nibbled and hid from the sun. we chatted over the sounds of live guitar covers, birds, and elinor's delighted mmmmmmm's.

we strolled and explored the grounds. stopping to point and touch and explain. we didn't spot any sheep this time but elinor was right on cue with a guttural baaaaaaa with their every mention.

plus, a new CSA season is upon us, so we got to pick up our summer box of goodness. it is beautiful. and i am beyond excited to put all that pretty to good use. we've already devoured a couple of apples. perfectly tart and refreshing. the lettuce has been enjoyed in salad form. the beets are scheduled for a roasty-savory pilaf. i am planning on some citrus salad for the fennel bulbs and probably a fish dish or so for the rest. and perhaps a grilled something or other for the summer squash and zucchini. i dwell in possibility...

here's to summer! and here's to everyday adventures.

and shoot. why don't we just add "birks" to the title and make it officially hippie-dippie-earthy-granola-gypsy? embrace the crunchy chic, folks.