snaps & snippets & blurbs

things have been pretty darn fab around here.  lots of celebrating and friends and family and feasts.  she types as she hums, these are a few of my favorite things... may is always so full.  every date on the calendar has something penciled in.  we are on the go and we are pleased as punch about it too.

i really should have been a more dutiful blogger and dedicated a post per occasion but, shoot.  it has been a long time since i did a legit s&s&b, and i know how you've missed it.

so, i proudly present some snaps & snippets & blurbs from the last few days!

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a joint birthday celebration for my folks

my mum, ever the hostess, wanted to put on the party at her home so that she could whip up a classic roast beast, one of my dad's faves.  she really went all out.  the table was perfectly dressed.  simple and bright and lovely.  and the meal was delicious.  roasted veg and a yummy salad and beef with a dreamy and oh so classic au poivre sauce.  oh cognac cream, you are scrumptious.  c'était délicieux.

miss elinor helped my folks blow out the candles on their cake.  and then she washed off the maple buttercream frosting  splashing around in her water table.  we sat outside after dinner and sipped wine and chatted.  and the weather was splendid.  a rare, cool evening that made us deliriously happy.  le sigh.

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race day

the indy 500 is a bit of a thing for our family.  i was started on it young.  my dad's companies sponsored cars and that meant trips to the brickyard in the days of my youth.  i remember it fondly.  racing lanyards.  team pins.  sitting in the driver's seat.  hearing the roar of the engines.  and to this day, we always gather with friends from "the good old days" to swap stories and laugh and listen to "back home again in indiana" and cheer and cringe as they chug milk at the end.  oh, and we eat.  did i mention that?  race day is bagel day.  shmears and lox and coffee and fruit and yogurt and quiche and mimosas.  it is grand.  hands down, one of my favorite traditions.

p.s. hubby...when we take our trip to france, let's make a stop in monaco to catch the grand prix.  oui?

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memorial day

another great holiday.  our little family joined up with more whitehouses and some schroeders for an afternoon of barbecue and just plain fun.  the boys tossed the pigskin around in the backyard while the dogs leapt to try to snatch it.  elinor brought her maraca outside to play cheerleader.  it was pretty darn cute, i must say.  miss katie observed that we "looked like the kennedy family" which i thought was pretty incredible.  whhhhyyy yes, my dear.  won't you join us in hyannis for the summaaaahhh?  no complaints here.  although, while being a bit too rambunctious in a catch attempt, mr. ben ripped his neon kiwi shorts.  so he spent the rest of the day with his knickers showing.  quite scandalous.  and quite un-kennedy.  at least they were festive plaid...  and at least he got some giggles from it.

after we had worked up an appetite, we gathered for some grub.  incredible grilled salad and coleslaw and deviled eggs and sweet potato fries and burgers...and homemade ice cream and cookies for dessert.  it was something else.  i tell you, we know how to do it up.