{saturdaysanté} week 21 | may 24



the perfect mix of work, play, exertion, relaxation, productivity, and rest.  that is the recipe for a fabulous day.

tea was steeped.  elixirs were sipped.

i had the best best flow.  cranked some groovy tunes and led myself in an exhilarating practice of sun salutations followed by some energizing back bends and restorative hip openers.  if a perfect yoga sesh exists, this was it for me.

meanwhile, my incredible man was baking bread from his bubbly and pungent starter.  sourdough, oh sourdough. my house  smelled so darn good.  and then, we sat down together for some tasty salad with house-pulled mozzarella and that fresh, still warm bread.  with plenty of butter.

enjoying the simple things.  it was dreamy indeed.