i'm glad it's your birthday...happy birthday to you*


* thanks for the lyrics, beatles.  i'm sure i owe sir paul about a million dollars now.

just had to post a pic of this gorgeous and all-around fabulous lady to commemorate the anniversary of her birth.  i am blessed and honored to call her my mother.  she is truly as radiant on the inside as she is on the outside.  more and more lovely with each year.  more wisdom and joy and tenderness and strength.  i only hope that i can have a smidgen of her loveliness and coolness and vibrancy when i am 40 {wink, wink}


i thank God for the gift of your life.  what a gift to so many.  and on your birthday, i just want to say thank you. thank you for loving your Savior.  thank you for extending such hearty love to those in your life.  for exhibiting such grace.  for your patience and dedication.  i am so proud to be your daughter.  and i am so proud...of you.  so happy to know you.  just you as a person.  who you are.  not just because i have your genes and it is a nice thing to say to your mother on her birthday...but truly, because you are a great gal.  a woman of God.  you are kind and tenderhearted and spirited and creative and diligent.  thank you for continuing to set a great example to those around you of how life should be lived, to the glory of God and the benefit of others.

 i love you [          thiiiiiiiis          ] much and so much more!

a very merry birthday to you mum!