{saturdaysanté} week 14 | april 5

sante saturdaysanté 

our little family spent our saturday as all arizona spring days should be spent, outdoors.

we enjoyed meals outside.  we played games.

elinor played with water and toys and danced around the backyard pointing at bees and birds and trees and buterflies...and barking at the neighbor's dog.

there was a perfect breeze and an ideal mix of sunshine rays and shade.  soft yet stark.  truly, truly, glorious.

after elinor was asleep, the adults sat outdoors and listened to lots of jazz while incense smoke curls swirled in the air.  wine was poured.  we laughed.  we talked about time and seasons and blessings and fears.  we dreamed and made plans.  there was a simple magic to it.  and we drank up every drop.