ode to spring cleaning

cleaning in honor of springtime, i wanted to share a bit of my cleaning plan for our abode.  i love a clean and organized house, but i must confess that i loathe {read: looooooooooathe} the upkeep.  and if i don't stay on top of things then everything piles up and suddenly, our house becomes a giant, cluttery dustball.  it happens fast too.  and when it gets to that point, i tend to clutch and just start praying that magical cleaning fairies will flutter in and take care of things.  darn those fairies!  they never come.

and i just can't do the once-a-month deep clean business.  that sucks up way too much saturday time.  and who wants that?

aaaand unfortunately, i also reside in the no-one-cleans-my-house-like-i-can camp.  well, shoot.  foiled once again by my inner control freak.  all the preparation to get things ready then you have to be out of the house and the dogs have to be situated and then once the house is clean i morph into a crazy "don't use that, it is clean!  gah, smudges!  could you just let me enjoy it for a day and not. touch. anything.  and don't even think about using the toilet or showering.  gah, water spots!" lady.  no one wants to live with that chick.

the point is:  i like cleaning my own house and i simultaneously despise cleaning my own house.  the classic cleaning conundrum.

and after years of trying to figure things out, i have finally arrived at a solid solution.  something that keeps me sane and the toilets clean.  a plan that requires small chunks of consistent effort instead of massive, mind-numbing household overhauls.  a plan that keeps things tidy so that when i bring in the paid-pros for a big seasonal cleaning session, they can be much more effective.

and so, i wanted to share my little old plan for domestic tidiness.  perhaps it will give you a good idea or two.  or perhaps, you stopped reading this post back when i started talking about cleaning fairies...

here she is!

>>> daily for the am <<<

make beds

wipe down bathroom counters

>>> daily for the pm <<<

clean dishes | load dishwasher

wipe down kitchen counters

clean dining table

collect rubbish

declutter | toy stashing


>>> monday chores <<<

mop tile + buff floors

take rubbish to the curb

>>> tuesday chores <<<

dust + wipe down all furniture

>>> wednesday chores <<<

windows + mirrors

take recycling to the curb

>>> thursday chores <<<

tubs + toilets

>>> friday chores <<<

water plants + clean and oil cutting boards

>>> saturday chores <<<

laundry + vacuum + groceries + post weekly menu + do any necessary food prep

>>> sunday chores <<<


first | outdoors

second | ironing + furniture and pot polishing

third | appliance cleaning

fourth | walls + doors + banisters + mouldings

>>> seasonal <<<


change out wardrobe

organize documents + cleaning closet + garage

clean out and give-away

DEEP CLEAN and bring in the pros as needed

inside cabinets

fridge | freezer

laundry room

under and behind appliances

vacuum furniture

outdoor windows

hose down outdoors

hose down rubbish | recycling cans

grout cleaning

et cetera

there you have it!  my master plan.  bwah-ha-ha!

it really only requires 15-30 minutes a day.  and the daily stuff is pretty much habit by now.  i wipe the dinner table while ben is hosing elinor down after our meal.  and we try to pick up toys as a part of bedtime routine.  then, after elinor is asleep, ben tackles the dishes and kitchen-y stuff {best hubby ever} and i take care of the "chores of the day".

yes, it does make me feel like a kid with a chore list.  remember when you were a kid and thought making your bed was the worst?  remember when you wanted to be a grown up so you didn't have to deal with such unreasonable requests?  ha!  silly, silly younger me.  they don't tell you that adults have chores to do too...only, there are many more.  and your home and good name ride on them.  and you usually don't get old stars for your completed tasks.  just the satisfaction of knowing that your guests won't be grossed out if they have to use the loo.

well, hubby and i do enjoy a glass of wine together at the end of the day.  gold star.