fresh okay folks.  let's talk lent.  i have some silent observations in place but this one, i am putting out into socialmediaville.

while i prayed about these 40 days, this one thing kept popping up and i found myself discounting it, not wanting to do it.  it made me a little uncomfortable.  and you know what?  that is *precisely* the sort of thing that needs to be aired, examined, explored, challenged.  released.  sacrificed.

and so, here's the deal: not a smidgen of makeup until Easter.  that's right, fresh-faced!  i have set aside the cosmetics and i am using that time to focus a bit more on lasting beauty.  because you know what?  i think my heart needs some pampering, perhaps an extended stay at the spa.

"charm is deceitful and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised."

it feels a bit strange but also, quite liberating.  and my skin loves the extra dose of fresh air.  so "bare" with me {wink, wink} until i can get all gussied up for Easter Sunday.  and feel free to join me for the season...or even for a day!  if you want to share pics over on instagram so we can all be in this together, just tag me @madameswanky and slap a hashtag or two of three on it.

#lentenlife #freshfacedandfilterfree #embracebareface