lenten life

i think there is something lovely about this lenten season.  these days, it is so easy to be relaxed about our faith.  to swim in the pool of freedom and to forget the deeper meanings and symbols and historical calendar of the church.  and while i love the freedom that Christ brings, while i revel in it.  while i adore that i have been given license to approach the Throne of God with a personal "abba father", i also cherish the more formal and reverent things of the faith.  the meaningful holy days.  the high priestly names of God.  all the things that can be so easily overlooked in modern Christendom.  i suppose i am an old soul like that. the season of lent is about remembering who we are and why are here.  big picture, heavenly, eternal stuff.  not the stuff of dust.  we trace crosses of ash on our foreheads to remind us that we come from dust and to dust we shall return.  we give up things that we like as a way of taking a step back from the blur and chaos of our lives.  we take a clean look at what this life is about.  we gather strength from the wellspring, relying on the One provider.  we remove the clutter and crutches that we may look to Him alone for sustenance, provision.  we allow Him to fulfill our desires and needs.  we walk as though the cross has actually eviscerated, rooted out sin, given us newness of life.  we live victoriously because we are new creations.  we evidence that we are not slaves to the former self.  we don't need that.  He is enough.  He is all.  now that is freedom. 

lent is a proving ground of sorts.  we bear witness in this place.  that He alone gives life.  that we are free indeed from the absurd shackles of this world of air.  these 40 days remind us that we have been given a lifetime of freedom and an eternity of pleasure.  so what is the sacrifice, really?

i appreciate this lenten season as a proper preparation for easter.  a time when we can take stock of our lives and pinpoint the things that are distracting.  and then, elect to give up those things.  a small act that can help us remember to live sacrificially.  to focus on things above.  to live simply.  to pray for His provision.  to lean on His strength.

do you do lent?

what meaning does this season hold for you?