{saturdaysanté} week 9 | march 1

circus today's saturdaysanté 

when clouds and rain gather, we enjoy an indoor finger puppet circus.

yes, each puppet has a name and distinct character.  and yes, i do voices.  and yes, it so happens to be a british circus.

and if you want to know the cutest thing ever... elinor now brings me her little puppets, changes her pitch, and makes the funniest foreign babbling sounds in an attempt to mimic the voices i do.

i sure could have gone for a few extra days of rain and weekend.  curled up on the couch.  warming beverages.  howling wind and stormy shadows.  lots of jazz on the record player.  reading and story telling.  and little excursions after the storm lifted, with sun rays bursting through gray clouds and making the wet ground glisten.

it does a heart good, moments like these.