a morning ritual

e porridge this chilled power porridge is a bit of a morning ritual around here.  i wake elinor with a silly little ditty and she immediately regales with tales from her time in the land of nod.  i talk to her and pray over her while she nurses and then prepare some breakfast.  sometimes we sit at the table with the morning sunshine flooding in, sometimes we have a living room quilt picnic, and sometimes we dine al fresco enjoying the chirps and breeze of a new day.

this little ramekin is packed with a healthy dose of nutrients. lots of raw, fresh, living foods to power a powerhouse toddler.  a few elements vary, but the foundation is the same.  much like our days.  we try to begin with peaceful and powerful mornings to lay a foundation for the day...because, things happen.  things can get away from you.  craziness can occur.  laziness.  busyness.  or what have you.  so, we do our best to start things off strong.  the best nutrition.  trying to bring my parenting A-game.  you gotta take action while the manna is fresh, am i right?  from there, it is from grace to grace.

the ramekin above is a combo of:  sprouted oats + almond flour + hemp hearts + chia seed + nutritional yeast + maca powder + raw coconut oil + kefir + fermented superfoods/greens blend + probiotic enzymes + wellmune {beta glucan} + cinnamon + turmeric + beetroot + banana + freshly grated coconut.

and as a few of you have requested, here are some measurements and the method for this toddler-sized portion:  half banana, all mashed up + 2 tablespoons grated beets or 1 tablespoons fresh beet juice + 1/2 tablespoon chia seeds + 1 tablespoon hemp hearts + 1/2 tablespoon maca powder + 1/4 cup almond flour + 1/4 cup nutritional yeast + 1/4 cup sprouted oats + generous sprinkling cinnamon + generous sprinkling turmeric + 1 tablespoon coconut oil + 1/4 cup kefir + a sprinkling up to a tablespoon of greens and probiotics blend of your choice.  mix it all up, top as you'd like, and serve!

as i mentioned, the "recipe" varies from day-to-day.  sometimes i add a dash of buckwheat or coconut flour or some fresh fruit or acai or avocado.  or, a splash of fresh veggie juice.  and sometimes, it becomes a "cleaning out the fridge" meal too.  a little of this and a little of that.

here's to routine and rituals and new days!

my superfoods/greens/probiotic blend of choice

my source for wellmune {beta-glucan}

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