"hoppy" birthday hubby!

bday5 bday6 bday1 bday4 bday3 bday2 yesterday was my handsome man's 32nd birthday. wowee.  i tell ya, he has never looked better.  the thirties are really working on him.  he seems to be settling in quite nicely.

in celebration of the day, we decided that burgers and beers were the way to go.  and so, we hopped over to hopdoddy and settled into a booth for two.  he got a big old brew in a frosty goblet worthy of a viking king.  and we split two baskets of fries.  ahem, yes.  two.  one truffle and one green chili cheese.  woah.  the tastiest morsels i have ever had at a burger joint.  seriously.  and we have consumed quite a few baskets of fries in our day.

and then, the burgers.

ben went all out.  meat. cheese. bacon.  the birthday boy didn't mess around.  i hope his plant-based system doesn't despise him for it... and i had the prettiest little patty.  beets and corn and beans and arugula and goat cheese and onions and avocado and chipotle.  and the tastiest seeded bun.  no joke, i didn't miss the meat.  well, the cheese dip for the fries didn't hurt...

and then, for good measure, i ordered a shake.  we each grabbed a straw and shared, a la 1950s diner couple.  in case you were wondering, it was chocolate stout.  with a hint of cinnamon.  and yes, i slurped the last drop.

we ate and laughed and talked.  just two crazy kids on a date.  what fun i have with him.  i am so grateful for his life.  what a blessing.  and what a joy to get to share this journey with him.  here's to many, many, many {all the many's} birthday celebrations together.

i love you, dear hubby of mine.  mwah!