taking stock | december's end

e5 |making| plans and resolutions. |cooking| is not as much fun when it isn't for a big holiday meal. |drinking| tulsi tea + fresh coconut water + kombucha. |reading| recipes and dr. weil publications and work marketing pieces. hoping to carve out more time before bed for the written word and ink on pages. |wanting| to spend months in the english countryside. |looking| at my computer screen as i wrap up assignments and projects. |playing| xylophone with miss elinor. |wasting| mango. i do my best to properly remove the good stuff from that pesky core but i can't help but feel like there is more i could do, less i could waste. those little buggers sure are tasty but they are a nuisance. |sewing| i can't even talk about it. too many ideas and not enough action. |wishing| upon a star. i hear that it makes no difference who you are... |enjoying| our family dinner. real conversations as a family. with elinor chiming in and everything. oh, these moments will get even sweeter {and noisier} with time. |waiting| for my man to come home. |liking| all the lists and resolutions and sparkly things and bubbles that this day brings. |wondering| what this new season has in store...personal and professional and schedules and weekends and home and away and friends and family and faith. |loving| the full 25 minutes of uninterrupted flirting and playing and snuggles with my little girl.  even if it was just because of those pesky teefers. |hoping| that i can make the days count. that i can write meaningful passages on each blank page that i am given.  that the book of 2014 is a riveting tale and exquisite. |marveling| at the way that elinor arranges her tiny blocks. AND tells each one a story or two as she moves them from box to floor to table to floor and back into the box again. |needing| new sheets. fresh and crisp for the New Year. |smelling| my tata harper resurfacing mask. rose and white willow and beets and aloe vera and witch hazel. |wearing| my new furry slippers. |following| my gut. and my daytimer. |noticing| that i need to get my knives sharpened. |knowing| that i am loved. |thinking| about so many things. too many things. plans and hopes and dreams and fears. all the things. as one does. my brain is pretty much a sea of swirly twirly gumdrops. ooohh...gumdrops. |feeling| hopeful. |bookmarking| real simple. hoping to recall and implement their tips and tricks and inspiration. |opening| my new nail polish from my hubby. time to paint my toesies. |giggling| all the live-long day. that little girl of ours is funny. like, for real funny. she cracks jokes and laughs at her own wit. kills me.

past post here.  and feel free to join in and take stock.