snaps & snippets & blurbs

ssb1 ssb2 ssb8 ssb5 ssb ssb6 me and my little miss.  all bundled up for a dinner date night out with friends. + just a couple of goof balls.  so grateful that he humors me and engages in my proposed shenanigans. + culinary dropout feast at the yard.  such a cool spot. + out and about for errand running and groceries.  rocking the silly smirks and his and hers wardrobe throwback items: a juicy tracksuit and an abercrombie sweatshirt. we are so vintage.  yeeeahh buddy. just like college + AND SPEAKING OF baylor bears are champs!  what?!  that's right.  heading to the fiesta bowl.  sic 'em! + some sweet, unexpected, and greatly savored cuddle time during our advent reading. + and a pretty pile of antipasti because, well, you know.