one year stats


since this is essentially my web baby book.  here are some one year stats, for the record.

height:  26.25 inches

weight:  16 pounds 4 ounces

head:  45 centimeters

tricks:  crawling.  pulling up.  cruising.  squawking.  babbling.  dancing and bouncing.  bopping her head.  identifying objects.  waving.  pointing.  taking everything out of everywhere.  looking super cute and playing all coy.  and you know that phrase "sleeping like a baby"?  coined after her.

delectables:  blueberries.  scrambled eggs.  banana.  sweet potatoes.  raw veggie sticks.  butter.  pumpkin.  birthday cake.

dislikes:  boundaries.  being without her "snuggles" in the car.  when the blueberries are gone.  crowds.

vocabulary:  daddy.  mama.  unkey {monkey}.  doggy.  baby.  uhoh.  yay.  oooo.  and deedee, her version of supercalifragilisticexpialidocious...for now.

the moral of the story:  she is a big noggined smarty pants in a petit bébé body.  though she be but little, she is fierce.