happy first birthday, elinor grace whitehouse


we'll love you forever,

we'll like you for always,

as long as we're living

our baby you'll be. 

as long as we are living and into eternity, little one. we are so blessed and honored that God chose us to be your parents. what a task and treasure.


this year has flown by so quickly. sometimes, the days can feel so full and long. but the months and now the year. wow. ben and i have been a tad sentimental for the past few days. recalling the moments leading up to elinor's arrival. wondering. praying. hoping. and then, she was here. and our lives were forever changed.

and here we are, one year later. the anniversary of elinor grace's birth. what a tremendous thing. we have learned so much. grown so much. become so much closer. life is richer. we have the blessing of witnessing wonder through a child's eyes. and we can't wait to experience that over and over again.

a very merry birthday to you, baby girl. your papa and i are off to finish up the preparations for your celebration. presents and cake and sweet memories with family...and even a date with papa for a spot of birthday tea. we love you, always always.

xo, mama and papa

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and we would be tickled if you would leave a little birthday wish for elinor so we can keep a treasured collection of blessings for her.