the girl in the heart pajamas

e2 e3 e1 miss elinor is such a force.  she is so intrepid and strong.  but every so often, she flirts with her softer side.  it is probably the combination of morning light and soft and feminine heart pjs and a bit of residual sleepiness...but elinor was just too darn precious the other morning.

she moved deliberately.  stroking her toys, flipping the pages of her book, sticking her pinky in the air as she examined her stuffed animals.  her blinks were slow, giving time for each of her lovely lashes to flutter and flirt.  her nose looked especially button-y.  her lips, rosy pink which highlighted her perfect cupid's bow.  and her voice was singing sweetly in hushed tones.  serenading her playthings.

i love that she has such a robust personality.  a mix of sweet and soft with serious and strong.  sugar and spice.  and i savor these moments where she is especially everything nice.