winner winner chicken dinner


so last week, i put some freshly picked moccasins on elinor's fabulous things list.  i was planning on picking up a pair of these little cuties for her birthday but before i pulled the trigger, i stumbled across an instagram giveaway care of @mrssargent and @aruffledlife.  so, i figured...what the heck?  might as well throw my hat in the ring and cross my fingers {and toes}.  perhaps THIS would be our lucky day.  a girl can dream, right?  and so, i did my thing.  didn't really get my hopes up {i NEVER win these things}. and then i went about my day.

weeeeell...later on that evening, i picked up my phone and my screen was filled with a mixture of jealous and congratulatory comments.  WWHHHAAAAAT?  oh my goodness.  i was a winner.  oh my goodness.  it was so cool.  i was positively giddy.  and everyone in the room as the time got an earful of joyful exclamations.  seriously, i felt like i won the lottery.  FREE FRESHLY PICKED MOCCS!  it was a good day.  and just in time for E's birthday, no less.

and while i feel i little silly for devoting an entire post to my excited blathering, i really needed to share my gratitude.  {happy dance}

elinor doesn't quite understand what all the fuss is about...but she will soon learn that free shoes is a pretty great thing.

thank you so much to the sweet ladies who hosted this giveaway.  AND a big thanks to freshly picked for making such fabulous shoes for littles. 

elinor will wear them proudly.

eep!  so excited.  so surprised.  so overwhelmed.