ssssoooo...the other day, my dad called us yippies. 

yuppie + hippie = yippie

funny, dad.

but it got me thinking...

tortoise shell warby parker specs.  check!

hipster beard.  check!

baby in cardigan.  check!

plant-based diet. check!

vinyl owners.  check!

locally roasted coffee drinkers.  check!

craft beer connoisseurs.  check!

matching vw jettas.  check!

matching cavalier king charles spaniels.  check!

j.crew wardrobes.  check!

wsj wine club members.  check!

ex-televison owners.  check!

reclaimed driftwood sculptures.  check!

extensive fine art collection.  check!

easton press book collection.  check!

and the pièce de résistance

whole foods stock owners.  check!

sheesh.  you know, when you see it all written out like that...