taste the rainbow


fruity rainbow bowl


veggie rainbow bowl

these bright, happy, and tasty bowls are on heavy rotation in our house right now.  they are so easy to make and they are just plain ol' cheery, aren't they?  making food like this is an easy way to eat your colors.


| fruity |

apple + strawberries + kiwi + grapefruit + blueberries + fresh coconut meat + raw almonds + chia seeds

| veggie |

sauerkraut + radish + zucchini + carrots + orange bell peppers + mung bean sprouts + golden beets dressed with olive oil and lime juice and chia seeds


it is as simple as taking your favorites and arranging them in a bowl!  i've done fruity bowls with kefir or greek yogurt or nut butters or oats or granola.  and the veggie bowls are tasty with rainbow quinoa or hummus or beans or tempeh or avocado...and your choice of veg.  make sure to get fresh and organic to maximize the experience.

i select my components and then use a box grater to make it slaw-like.  plus, grated veggies are easy for the little miss to eat.  no softening necessary!