a piggy faced babe + a hipsterrific dapper dad

Us4 this moment would be so much better in video form.  you truly need the corresponding sound effects to grasp the depth of cuteness that is miss elinor's piggy face.

it is her latest and greatest.  she does it all the time because she just knows how tickled we are by the display.

here's how it goes:  she curls her upper lip.  sticks out her tongue, ever so slightly.  squinches her nose.  furrows her brow.  and then holds this face while dramatically inhaling and exhaling through her nose.  piggy face.

i suppose the expression is more bunny-like, really.  but when you combine that with the flared nostrils of the kundalini breathing...she looks like the sweetest little piggy that you ever did see.

and then, there's that man of mine.  looking ever the dapper gent in his vest and tie.  all that and a bag of chips when you add in those killer frames and that playful beard.  he's the handsomest.

*and before you say it...our little instagram community has brought it to our attention that mr. ben looks like a "much cleaner version of Jesse Pinkman".  #breakingbad