wrapping up our challenge...raw! raw! raw!

there is a mere one day left in our three week raw food challenge.

{and ssshhh...don't tell anyone...but i am ready to taste some warm food again} 

but i am glad we did it.  we did it!  i learned a lot and got to expand my food horizons. for the most part, it wasn't really that much of a departure from our norm.  we are big fruit + nut + veg consumers and most of our days are spent eating raw without even batting an eyelash.  but it is much different when you can't eat anything but that, you know?  i am looking forward to some quinoa, cheese, eggs, butter, beans, and roasted veggies.  especially as the weather cools off and pumpkin spice lattes are everywhere...it does the soul some good to eat some un-raw stuff.  while we did make some tasty raw indulgences {which i will definitely add to our repatoire...date balls?  yum} sometimes, you need a baked good or hot coffee.  ohhhh...coffee.  those creamy, roasted beans.

not that i'm against the raw thing, quite the contrary.  but for us, we need some flexibility and balance.  i mean, our usual diet consists of 70-80% raw food.  but that other chunk is where we get to play.  the sprouted breads.  the warm bowls of slow-cooked veggie goodness. the nutty grains.  the tasty beans. the creamy yogurt.  all that yummy stuff that isn't necessarily raw, but that is healthy nonetheless. and i am excited to welcome it back.  balance, right?

and the popcorn!!!!  oh, how i have missed my popcorn friend. 

and so, back to normal we go.  but we will continue to carry our raw foods with us.  you will once again see a mix of ingredients and preparations.  a free, fun, and flexible mix of all things raw + all things plant-based.

dear raw recipes, you will not be forgotten.  we will continue to enjoy you.  but you will have to get comfy next to some tacos and toasts.  hope you don't mind mixed company...  mwah!

and now, an homage to our recent raw favs.


zucchini "noodles" with savory red sauce: sundried tomatoes + olive oil + balsamic + sunflower seeds + fresh basil + oregano + red pepper flakes


overnight oats.  sprouted oats + fresh orange juice + cinnamon topped with dates + walnuts + maca + hemp + chia + freshly grated coconut


veggies and a big bowl of chunky hummus: sprouted tepary beans + sunflower seeds + sesame seeds + chia seeds + olive oil + lemon + onion + garlic + raw tahini + celtic sea salt + pepper + chili + cumin + parsley


deep green smoothie.  kale + spinach + spirulina + blueberries + strawberries + coconut milk + bee pollen + fresh coconut + chia seeds 18

raw taco salad.  shredded lettuce + spiced sprouted walnuts + cashew lime cream + salsa + guacamole.  with a side of raw veg and garlic lemon herb cashew dip.


super green salad.  romaine + arugula + frisee + raddichio + spinach + chard + mizuna topped with zucchini + bell pepper + haricot vert + broccoli + avocado + green pepitas and drizzled with an olive oil + balsamic + maple syrup + oregano vinaigrette.