leopard spots + polka dots

11 as often as possible, i ask that hubby of mine to capture a few playful moments of me and the little miss.  this is the stuff of future teenage daughter embarrassment, for sure.  i sure do hope that when elinor's little gal pals gather at our home for homebaked cookies and fun {i have big plans} they ask to see pictures of E when she was little.  i am ready for it.  aawwwhh-worthy pictures galore!

i can just hear her now: 

maaaa-om!  leopard pants?  and why did you let my hair look all crazy like that?  i look like the love child of einstein and cindy lou who.

p.s. that sounds like pretty cool lineage to me.


  oh, this little peanut.  i could just nibble on her.  this is the good stuff.