waaaaay back in april, my little sis bree tied the knot with mr. paul. 

happy four months!!!

it was such a fun fête.  i just had to share some pics from the day.

i narrowed it down, really i did...


awwwhh, the mr. and mrs.

here is gobs and gobs more nuptial goodness...

  CerHR-10 GRHR-49 CerHR-16 GRHR-46 RecHR-7 GRHR-55 GRHR-67 WedPHR-28 GRHR-72 CerHR-45 CerHR-53 CerHR-58 CerHR-73 CerHR-85 FamHR-15 FamHR-48 FamHR-80 FamHR-86 WedPHR-111 WedPHR-189 WedPHR-184 WedPHR-166 WedPHR-172 WedPHR-202 RecHR-2 RecHR-17 RecHR-20 RecHR-23 RecHR-26 RecHR-35 RecHR-44 RecHR-48 RecHR-54 RecHR-80 RecHR-101 RecHR-120