contemplations of mr. charles

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salutations, dear readers.  mr. charles here.  it is my intention to catch you up on the happenings around my abode.  today, i would like to focus my attention on video above.  i know that you are thinking, "aawwhh, isn't that just the cutest!" well, i would like to offer a counterpoint.  you see, i happen to think that this crawling business is quite an annoyance.  my parents brought this tiny human into our home and thus far, it has been bearable.  i get the occasional face-lick in.  sometimes i snatch up some tasty bits during feeding time.  i am getting my fair share of lap time after that elinor is asleep.  sometimes she makes a cute giggling sound at me.  and i give her a bark in return.  she even plays with me on the floor.  we stretch out and roll around together.  it is somewhat enjoyable.  i endure her little human quirks because my parents seem to like it when i am pleasant toward her.

but, what i cannot tail pulling.  do you see what she is doing to me in that video?  what an atrocious display.  that wicked gleam in her eye.  and my own mother encouraging such behavior?  and in such an obnoxious tone? reprehensible, i say.  i insist that they gain control of this unruly lady, post-haste!  i am sure that this will be no easy task.  she seems to be quite determined.

i do hope that my outlook improves in the coming months.  but i fear that it could become more trying.  i have been hearing this "toddler" term being tossed about.  and from what i understand, it could be an interesting time.  as if that tiny human isn't cheeky enough already.  tsk. tsk.  i suppose i will have to meet her spunk with an equal show of attitude.  you have been warned.