when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore


the hubsters, miss elinor and i grabbed some dinner with my mom the other evening and it was most entertaining and yum.  well, elinor was most entertaining.  i think she was sporting her sassy pants.  can't you see it?  and that was just in the entryway...

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we got some sautéed veggies for the little miss and the adults split some kale caesar and a veg pizza.  so, so good.


elinor was all about the faces.  this little one sure is funny.  and we are going to have our hands full.  most definitely.  her eyes were darting around and staring things down.  just looking for trouble.


and if you needed any further proof.  there is this face.  those eyes.  sheesh.  poor grandma.  sorry about that look.  it's not you, it is most definitely her.  but not to worry, two seconds later the judgey-wudgey glaring subsided and she was all smiles and sweetness.  at least she isn't lacking in the personality department.  and you know what, i kind of love it.  i love that i can see the wheels spinning.  the "her" coming out.  we sure do like her a lot.