we gonna come together, we gonna celebrate, we gonna gather round like it's your birthday


i am officially 29 years old. eek!  how on earth am i that darn close to 30?  crazy stuff, people.  but back to happy and festive thoughts...

i had a marvelous weekend.  and i am feeling quite spoiled.  my saturday started with the longest and most luxurious facial.  pampering is where it's at.  and then our little family enjoyed some lounging and playtime {and patiently waiting while hubby baked some birthday macarons for little old me} together in the afternoon...before heading out for a few hours of just the two of us time.  splendid, i tell you.  because it has been WAY TOO LONG we set up shop at citizen public house for a leisurely dinner.

8 9 7

we enjoyed a libation or two.  slowly sipping while noshing on appetizers.

oh delicious kilt lifter fondue

i am truly obsessed with you

crusty bread and fresh pears

other patrons give stares

as we order not one, but two

3 5

they recently removed the remarkable chicken + waffles from the menu and replaced it with piggy + waffles.  i was skeptical but hubby twisted my arm.  and let me tell you...good move.  it was so, so, so good.  wowee.


and then, we split the scallops.  more yumminess.  seriously.  such good food.  and we just sat and took our time and talked and laughed.  it was perfection.  happy birthday to me!