i could eat these every single day and not be sad about it. not one bit.


i made a big, fat platter of these guys the other night and hubby and i plowed through them like champs.  not to be all braggity-braggy or anything but these were taste-y.  this is a perfect example of the magic of simple ingredients.  nothing fussy here.


millet + barley + sprouted grain tacos filled with...

roasted poblano peppers

roasted corn

rainbow quinoa


cotija cheese

a splash of habanero hot sauce


you can expect tacos like this on heavy rotation this summer.  so easy and versatile.  and, fun to mix-and-match with interesting fillings.  next time, i'm thinking roasted corn and cauliflower.  maybe some cabbage?  chipotle crema?  get ready palate.  it is gonna get crazy.  loca loca loca.