scenes from the 4th

we had a fabulous 4th of july bash with our family.  an easy little gathering at our place for some good food, stories, playtime with elinor, some romp time with my sister's new pup wesson, record spinning, laughter, and games.  oh, games with the whole family is so entertaining.  we have some characters for sure. 14

some fabulously disposable plates and cups doubled as festive decoration.  with 12 people in the house, practical wins.  we sipped on sparkling water, cold brew coffee, and a wonderful assortment of boutique sodas.  {the bro-in-law was tasked with soda picking and he did a bang up job.  he brought a full-on cooler.  it was fab.}


tasty baked beans + cole slaw with pom seeds + quinoa salad + root veg chips + barbecue pork



it was great to have a house filled with family.


and this little guy.  my amazing mom offered to bring watermelon and not only did she show up with a bowl of perfect little melon balls...she also provided a sassy surprise guest.  a canadian beaver.  i must say, we do love our homeland.  it is our roots.  but we are so grateful that God brought us to our new home here in the states.  our family moved to arizona 24 years ago {on canada day, july 1st, actually}.  the land of the free and home of the brave has been good to us.  we are blessed to be able to gather freely, celebrate freely, speak freely, and worship freely.  may God bless America.