scenes from our home


welcome to our humble abode!  we have recently acquired some amazing pieces from my childhood home and from the ridley homestead in canada.  we have welcomed these cherished pieces with open arms.  it has been so much fun to move things around and place these old pieces next to our own pieces.  i love mixing meaningful antique treasures with new.  there is something pretty special about surrounding ourselves with the memories of items that we purchased as newlyweds + items that i remember from my childhood home + pieces that have been in my family for many, many years.  i think it gives a home warmth and depth.  sure, i am a sucker for mass-produced decorative bits.  but it is much more interesting to let them live with items from the past.  it feels more like a collection.  it tells a story of life and generations past.  it has a certain richness and realness.

i know that it isn't about "things" but there are things that make you feel comfortable and safe.  things which evoke happy memories.  and things like that are good to have around.  i hope that elinor grows up feeling like our home is her haven.  that she has an appreciation for the old.  that she cherishes the family legacy.  that she enjoys the little things in her life.  and maybe some of the items in these photos will find their way into her home someday.  maybe she will think that our stuff is vintage and cool.  i hope so.


our livingroom.  plenty of light and comfy seating and bright pillows.

miss coco really likes her pillow perch.


our everyday eating space.  highchair and all.  we love texture and quirky accents.  and PLENTY of books.


a new addition...the antique secretary from my grandma's home.  it is now functioning as a bar slash teacup slash music box display.


the library.  as you can see, books are a form and function thing for us.  and this room is home to a chair from my childhood + a whitehouse piano + a lovely baker chest {not pictured} + a painting that we snatched from my parents' collection.  this is a great space with lots of great old stuff.


our room.  we freshened things up with a new/old bedroom suite.  a gorgeous mid-century-esque set from the ridley homestead.  the white sheets, linen curtains, and lambskin rug gives it a very european feel.


they don't make 'em like this anymore.  i added in some old books and new touches...and that amazing watercolor art that i have seen on the wall since my childhood.  i love this vignette.


and would you look at this amazing vanity? i upholstered the seat with fabric from one of my parents' pillows.  and...those top drawers are filled with my grandma's vintage scarves!!!