a sweet sixteen

photo 3 this weekend we celebrated ben's sister's sweet sixteen.  this girl is cleared to operate a motor vehicle?  crazy town.  i can only imagine how we are going to feel when miss elinor hits this milestone.  eeek!

photo 5

miss faith is the fashionista on the right.  rocking the kimono and the chic chignon.

anywho...we set up camp at brat haus for the shindig and it was pretty perfect.  there aren't too many places that can make an outdoor party in the summertime in arizona feel cool and enjoyable...but they did it.  they set us up under a canopy with a 360 degree whirly-mist system and fans.  it was glorious!  we were given two big tables which we covered in craft paper so that the teens could doodle during dinner.  and i made a couple festive tissue garlands so we could clearly mark our territory.

the teen table was loud and fun.  and the "old folks" table wasn't too shabby either...elinor and auntie katie brought our age average down to a reasonable level.  we noshed on pretzels and fondue.  sipped gourmet sodas.  and chowed on the yummiest brats and duck fat fries.  this place is übertasty.  elinor was a champ.  she ate her bananas, danced, gabbed, chewed on toys, and stayed up HOURS past her bedtime.  party animal.

photo 4

elinor loved mom-mom's mad dance skills.

photo 1 photo 2

and here we are...making faces and being goofy and stuff.  you know, the usual.