happy donut day!

r-CRONUT-large570 did you know that today is national donut day?  gotta love having an excuse to eat some fried dough covered in sugar.  although, i'm not sure an arbitrary national holiday really constitutes an "excuse".  it kind of seems like the epitome of the ol' if all your friends jump off a bridge, would you?  well darn it.  call me a lemming but if everybody else is eating these tasty fritter critters, i don't know that my self control will last the day.

speaking of donuts...have you heard about the cronut craze?  that would be where croissant meets donut.  wow.  this genius baker is making it quite the thing in nyc.  as if i need another reason to be jealous of new yorkers.  the yankees.  and now cronuts?!  i get it, i am missing out on all the good stuff.  so, if you are near the big apple, hopefully you got in line at 4:30am and can enjoy one of these exclusive delicacies for me.  and for the rest of us...a good old fashioned will have to do.