dear peanut {seven months}

photo 2

seven months, baby girl.

aren't you one sophisticated miss?  look at you in your string of pearls.  this mama is kind of having an anne shirley and matthew moment over here.  {i hope you love your anne with an e as much as your mama does}

oh elinor, you have such a sweet temperament.  with glimmers of intensity, of course.  you play and squeal and smile and chat.  and then you grab a toy or a book with such tenacity and just stare it down...before letting out a serious guttural baby bellow.  you growl until there is no air left in your diaphragm and your face starts turning purple.  like i said, intense.  but we love it.  you are truly sugar and spice.

you are officially eating now.  and it is hilarious.  watching you grasp and gum and respond with your super expressive faces is our new favorite.  and your favorite?  butter.  straight up butter.  and fancy butter, no less.  cultured, pasture, european style butter.  the good stuff.  that's our girl.  avocados?  sure.  you like them.  bananas?  you tolerate.  beets?  no thank you.  but give the girl some butter and it is shiny, happy times.  how very parisian of you.  next thing we know you will be sipping cappuccino and nibbling on croissant.  you are already far too chic.

but you aren't all style and no substance, you are quite the bookworm.  while you are fascinated by your toys and all things chewable, you are really into all things readable.  it is so cute.  and papa is so proud.  you have started bypassing the playthings in favor of your books.  you like to roll onto your belly, cuddle up with your mozart monkey, grab a good book, and just settle in.  you arrange the book just so and delicately flip the pages.  i hope that you always have this love of the written word.  it will serve you well.

and speaking of words - you are starting to speak a few words!  you make these precious sounds and string them together like you are just having a conversation with us.  and little girl, we understand.  and we love it.  your choice conversational staples?  bababa.  muuuaaahhhh.  pppffff.  buuuuh.  and have i mentioned my personal favorite?  mamama.  oh that one just melts me.  i know that you don't actually equate those mouth and tongue movements with ME, your mama, but it doesn't even matter.  wowee.  how sweet it is.  and i know it will continue to get more amazing.  i can't wait to have real chit-chats with you.  about books and movies and clothes and friends and JESUS.  won't that be the best?

and p.s. that will of yours?  still totally there.  your latest exhibition is during dinnertime.  when you are done eating you let out a tight-lipped grunt while arching your back.  you scary little thing.  already so particular and strong.  i can almost envision your toddler tantrums now...

love, love, love,

your mama + your papa

{those pearls.  they were given to you by grandma and grandpa ridley in honor of your dedication day}