bits + bites

oh, hey there!  long time no blog.  my sincerest apologies for my impromptu hiatus but the long weekend mentality has been in full swing since last thursday at about 4:13pm.  it has been a good one.  i hope you all enjoyed the holiday weekend.  ben took last friday off so elinor and i have been two super spoiled ladies.  {dear hubby, can you please be at home with us all the time?  thanks.  xo, your gals} and if baked goods are any measure of productivity then we are one accomplished household.  macarons have been made {and consumed} and a birthday cake has been baked.  PLUS!  PLUS!  we introduced our baby girl to the world of big girl food.  eeeep!  i can't even stand it. she is much too big.  and yet, she looks so tiny in her big girl chair.  sigh.

all of this rambling on is to say "hello!" and i hope you are ready for a big week on the blog.  there will be more pictures of elinor gumming avocados than you will be able to stomach.  and not to forget a whole post dedicated to the illustrious macaron.  and a birthday shout-out {or, two}.  are you excited?!  well, you should be.

until then, here is some randomness to hold you over.  enjoy!

photo 7 (2) photo 7 (1) photo 2 photo 5 photo 1 photo 3 photo 4

our trademark "we are in the car going somewhere" shot + things got a little wild at the old whitehouse menagerie.  yes, coco is standing on ben's back.  sheesh. + elinor enjoying some light reading over at grandmama and grandpa's house + my two favorites relaxing and watching elinor's first indy 500 {a longstanding ridley family tradition} + out and about.  go yankees! + summertime at whole foods.  we are a sucker for a new reusable bag design. + papa/daughter giggle time.  too much to handle.