going gray

déjà vu.  yes, i already posted under this title.  of course the subject of that post was dry shampoo.  and this post, this post is "inspired" by what i have deemed a gray hair.  a real one.  of course, this has yet to be confirmed by anyone other than me {and my magnifying mirror} but still.  i spotted the little bugger in my eyebrow the other day.  shoot. there is a pretty good chance that it is nothing more than one random lighter hair as a result of preggo hormone fluctuations {i can't exactly confirm if it was gray or just unpigmented, blonde-ish}.  but still, a girl is entitled to an overreacction, right? and just in case it worked up enough pluck to spawn, i went ahead and plucked it out.  we'll see what pops up in its place.  that will be the true test.  so, if you see me sporting some gnarly old man brows in future posts...don't say i didn't warn you.

so in honor of this grand occasion.  or perhaps, in honor of much ado about nothing... here are a few of my favorite gray designs.

2Jessica 3_Leslie

images via design*sponge