vinyl + dogs

this past saturday was record store day.  just imagine thousands of hipsters all around the country gathering at local record stores to pick through piles and vinyl.  fabulous, right?  we have had our eye on a few records and figured that this would be the perfect day to hunt.  and vinyl snobs need to what better than a food truck?  a hot dog food truck.  oh, it was really something. new and old music in hand, we strolled over to the short leash truck for some dogs.  some SERIOUS dogs.  we selected "the bear" {see menu below for ingredients.  and get ready for your mind to be blown and your tastebuds to be envious} and savored every. single. bite.  not gonna lie, i probably could have downed another...but, you know, restraint.  nah, just kidding.  i stopped at one because we were busy heading over to the dessert truck for a pecan tart and chocolate eclair.  go us.

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