oui s'il vous plaît

lately, i have been feeling all things french.  simple and lovely decor with a hint of opulence.  interesting patterns.  classic style.  soft and sweet scents.  a petit and bold espresso to start the morning.  a nice glass of red at the end of the day.  simple and sophisticated recipes...with lots of herbs and vegetables and of course, butter.  and did i mention pastries and bread and cheese?  yum. so imagine my happiness when i was able to feed my desire for french frou frou by participating in a french cooking class with a few gals this past weekend.  complete with mother sauce and tarte tatin.  scrumptious.  recipes and plate snapshots will be shared here soon.  {my hubby is kind of dying to taste all the dishes so i need to get on that}  and i am thinking that i will serve these little guys as the perfect opening number...


image and recipe from the delightful and brilliant erin gleeson and the forest feast blog.

simple and delicious.  quintessential french.  and butter.  oh, the butter.