mama musings

photo 1 one of my very favorite things?  the walk upstairs to put this little bundle down for a nap.  when miss elinor gets sleepy and is finished with playtime, she rubs her eyes, tosses to and fro, and begins searching for her thumb.  this is my cue.  i scoop her up and take her upstairs.  in some kind of precious baby pavlovian response, elinor grabs my sleeve with her right hand, sucks on her left thumb, lets out a sweet sigh, and curls herself up, nuzzling right under my collarbone.  every time.  every day.  every nap.  and it just melts me.  ya know?  wowee.  thank you, Heavenly Father for these sweet moments in life.

i just had to chronicle this so i will never forget that overwhelming feeling of mama bliss.  that's all.