a few words on marriage from the renowned marriage counselor, ben affleck

photo sometimes, God uses the most interesting of people, places, or things to speak into our lives.  recently it was ben affleck, at the oscars, gold statuette in hand.  he spoke about his marriage during his acceptance speech and it just got me thinking about the true meaning of marriage.  and then i read this article.  good stuff.

yes, there are moments of fairytale bliss - birds chirping and swirling around, flowers in bloom, forest creatures singing, glitter and clouds, and such.  but then there are hard days.  hard weeks.  hard months.  hard years, even.  times that are trying.  seasons of sickness. poorer instead of richer.  when the "worse" part of those vows stares you in the face, knocks the wind out of you, and becomes real.  but i must say that i agree with mr. affleck, "it’s good. it is work, but it’s the best kind of work." 

my God + my hubby + me  the three of us work at it together.  but it's the best kind of work.

and in those moments of bliss make you understand that God is true to His promises.  and then you just let out a contented sigh as you bask in the blessings of God.  grateful that He has given you someone to walk with and talk with and cry with and laugh with in this life.  He is a good God.  He is a kind and sweet God.  and He has given me a husband who loves me deeply with the love of Christ and who really truly likes me.  we enjoy each other's company and have so much fun together.  and as long as we keep walking with our Savior...that love grows truer, our life together is a blessing to others, and the work pays off.