a scarf and a beard walk into a bar...

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i love date nights with this guy*.  we are blessed to have very willing and eager babysitters in our lives {thank you family} which affords us the opportunity to plop miss elinor at their pad and take off for a dinner together.  so friday night, we did just that.  my hubby and i sat on the patio at one of our favorite mexican food spots, blue adobe and enjoyed scrumptious dips and salsas and spices and peppers and meats.  yum.  it was leisurely and perfect.  a relaxing and ideal way to kick off the weekend.

*how dashing does he look with that scruff?  and did you notice how beards were the "it" accessory for hollywood's men at the oscars last night?  my guy is so cool.  way to be on trend, hubby.