snaps & snippets & blurbs

photo 4 (2) welcome to monday, folks!  this was such a lovely little weekend.  i hope you can say the same.  while the east coasters sloshed through the nemo snow, we attended an outdoor art show with the addition of our winter scarves to fight the fifty degree chill.  brrrr.

easy, easy grumpy cold people.  this is our bragging season.  you may hate me now but your time will come.  i will see you in mid-july with your "nana nana boo boo" remarks when we are being baked in the oven that is arizona.  dry heat, schmy heat.  what i am getting at is that this weekend was great.  we bundled up and wandered outdoors to take advantage of these rare cool, cloudy days.  a nice family lunch date.  some grocery shopping.  and then retreating to our home for some coffee sipping and book reading.  good stuff.

here are a few of my favorite snaps from our weekend together.  and make sure to camp out on the last pic of my handsome man and our sweet daughter.  would you look at him?  holding her hands while she naps.  and isn't baby-wearing the cutest?  love them.

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us + the amazing purple wall at culinary dropout + pretzel fondue + my tuna salad...with roasted cashews and wasabi peas + the best sandwich ever.  the turkey pastrami + a little lunch stop for elinor at nordstrom + a papa and his girl