contemplations of mr. charles

Charliei must say, i am starting to warm to this "elinor".  she smells good.  and she has a pretty cute little face.  i like to hang out with her in her toy paradise that mom bought for her amusement.  boy, she is spoiled.  where is MY toy paradise mom?  regardless, she is a good playmate.  sometimes i get to lick her fingers and the occasional ear or two.  and once i tried to lick up some stuff that she spit out of her mouth, which i can only assume was for me, but mom would have none of that.  apparently that is "gross charlie" and mom shooed me away.  mostly, she just sits there and makes her tiny human sounds.  i don't quite understand her language but mom seems to.  mom has started talking to her in goos and ghees and gahs and pfffs.  the two of them sound pretty silly, if you ask me.  i like to respond to all this nonsense with a sassy little grumble, just to stay involved in the conversation as to not be left out of any inside jokes.

all in all, life is good with the tiny human.  if staring and drooling and swatting and batting and ear-tugging means love...then she must like me an awful lot.