chef ben {turkey meatballs & smashed chickpea salad}

 cb - turkey1

my man was at it again!  and he gave that smitten kitchen cookbook a workout, i tell ya.  this week he made us some super delicious and totally nutritious smashed chickpea salad with lemon and sumac.  it was pretty magical.  lots of yum packed into bite-sized orbs of turkey...on a pile of flavorful chickpeas.  he even got me to eat some olives all chopped up in there.  big win for hubby.

this is a great recipe.  it is warm and tasty and satisfying and healthy. perfect for a january meal.  you should snag a copy of deb perelman's sk cookbook ASAP.  no joke.  it is amazing stuff...and fabulous to look at.

speaking of fabulous to look at...i am thinking about purchasing a smashing chef hat for my man so that he can don the full, official garb for this series.  he would look pretty darn dapper, no? {insert whistle sound here}

cb - turkey2