dear peanut {two months}


you are two months old.

such a big girl now.  a darling little bundle of baby who is in love with her hands and loves to suck on as many fingers as possible.  a sweet little one who loves to stare at lights.  oh how you love those bright things.  a precious girl who is always fixated on vibrant colors and polka dots.  you stare at your wall, books, and your pretty quilt from grandmama ridley.  your eyes are locked and i know your mind is racing.

you are quite the winsome one, little elinor.  and you are such a happy and content baby.  you rarely cry.  and when you do, i know what you mean.  your extended whiny waaaah while we are playing is my cue that you are finished being awake and are ready for your nap.  your grunting, coughing uh-uh-uh only comes when i wake you from a nap and you are letting me know to quit messing around with all that chatting and kissing and FEED ME.  and of course, there is your fussy time at night right before bed.  but we don't mind that so much.  it is kind of cute when you kick and punch and squawk.  and we know that you are just getting it all out before bedtime.  and the only thing that gives you some peace is holding onto your papa's finger. {beyond precious}

oh, and can we talk about your smiles?  too cute.  you smile at us during diaper change time, you smile during playtime, you smile when we are doing baby yoga moves, you smile during picture time, you smile when we wake you up, you just smile.  and it is pretty irresistible to your parents.  it is as if you are telling us that you like us.  and boy, we sure do like you.  AND you are getting so close to giggles.  the other day, i was talking to you and i started laughing and you responded with a happy hiccup-y sound.  it was so darn cute.  i can't wait to hear your giggles.  i know it will just melt us.  and those coo's?  we live for those.  how we love our little conversations with you.  you coo.  we talk back. it is glorious.

you are so alert.  always wanting to be a part of the action.  you explore the world with your eyes and swat at everything just to check it out.  it is amazing to watch as your brain continues to connect the dots.  your eyes are following things more and more.  you move toward sounds.  you toss yourself from side to side.  and then, you exhaust yourself and just want to sleep.  and you are such a good sleeper.  blessing of have been sleeping eight plus hours at night for almost the past month.  what a little delight.  just keep doing what you are doing.  and you love your morning nap.  that first sleep session after your morning feeding is a serious one.  when i wake you again, you shoot me this look like "really mama?  you are waking me up...oh wait, FOOD!"  it is amazing how quickly you move from that sassy wake-up face to a smile to that FEED ME grunt.  we just love your personality and expressions.  we just love you.  happy two months, sweet girl. we sure are enjoying watching you grow.  but please don't grow up too fast.

love, love, love,

your mama + your papa