dear peanut


our sweet little miss elinor.

you are now 6 weeks old, by the way.  that picture was taken two weeks ago!  can you just quit it with all this time-flying-by business?

you are just too cute.  you make our hearts swell and swoon.  and i am pretty sure that we could just look at that little face all day long.  6am is my new favorite time.  after a full night of being away from you {and wahoo for dropping that middle of the night feeding, by the way. sleep is awesome and it seems that everyone in this household thinks so.} it is so much fun to go into your room and wake you for the day.  it always seems like forever since i have seen that little face.  and each day, you look just a little different.  a bit bigger.  more grown up.

as you know, we had a merry-merry Christmas shoptacular this past weekend.  your papa and i had some elf-ing to do and we planned a full morning for us all.  and it was indeed, planned.  feedings were perfectly lined up.  our exit strategies prepared.  we made those lists and checked them twice to make sure that we didn't miss a thing and would stay on track.  it was glorious.  and so, with a festive drizzle in the air, we hopped in the sleigh and went on our merry way for a stop at Starbucks to kick things off properly.  red-cupped beverages in hand, it was off to our next spot.  now, during the drive from coffee to our first shop-stop, your tummy made some serious rumbling sounds, your face turned red, and you let out a series of sounds from your nether regions.  we parked the car for our mid-morning feeding session before getting the shopping business underway but we soon discovered that you had given us a fun little gift...a blowout.  so sweet of you.  your first one.  thank you for making a new holiday memory for us, little one!  and so, there we were.  in the parking lot.  in the rain.  in a bit of a pickle.  but your parents rose to the occasion.  there would be no stopping this day.  we jumped into action.  your papa got a bottle of water.  i placed you on your changing pad in the trunk so we would have plenty of working space.  then i soaked the burp cloth and wiped you down.  so there you were, naked in the trunk of a car.  in a parking lot.  in the rain.  two weeks before Christmas.  {you are welcome for the commemoration, by the way.  won't you love it when we bust out this story at Christmastime, many years from now?  and the award for most embarrassing parents goes to...}

don't worry, we bounced back. we got you all cleaned up.  put you in a clean diaper.  {diaper number two since you decided to pee mid-ordeal.  i am guessing it was from the al fresco changing situation that was going on in the trunk.  sorry about that. }  tossed the evidence.  plopped you in the carrier.  and we were on our way!  only 15 minutes behind schedule, no less.  boy oh boy, it was really something.  and did i mention that your festive poop got on your papa's shirt?!  and he didn't even have an adrian monk-esque episode.  he totally held it together.  he is amazing, i tell you.  and i must say, this is ranking up there on my list of favorite Christmases.  diaper disaster and all.  you make everything more fun.  you have taken us out of our comfort zone.  you have made us laugh at ourselves.  you have made our joy more vivid.

love, your mama + your papa