dear peanut


hello, little miss.  would you look at your crazy coiffure? is rather unruly these days. but perfectly amazing, nonetheless.

you sure are getting to be one big peanut!  we had your one month checkup a bit ago and you are perfection.  getting taller and plumper each day.  20 inches long and weighing in at 7lbs 10oz!  you are 1.5 inches taller and have put on almost two pounds since birth, which is excellent for the creation of those delicious baby rolls.  and that head, oh that head, it is growing.  your papa and i happen to think it is to accommodate your significant brain.  you are already one smart cookie!  you follow me around with your eyes, constantly.  you stare at things and analyze the world around you.  you move your head toward your papa's voice.  you gaze at your colorful dangling rattle toys and kick away with excitement.  you coo and squawk.  but, we know the truth...those are much more that sounds.  you are talking to us, aren't you?  your own sweet little language that we simply love.

and, it's official.  you can no longer fit into your newborn onesies.  you are officially a 0-3 month sizer now.  i must admit that i had a bit of an emotional moment at your dresser when i realized that the newborn phase has come to a close.  you are just all baby now.  our little peanut.

oh, and can i just brag about you a bit?  you are totally-legitimately-officially sleeping through the night.  it has been about five days now so i am calling it official.  you have been a rockstar with your day and night schedule and since you are gaining weight beautifully and seem to have a good handle on things, we shifted the schedule and dropped that middle of the night feeding. we are talking a whole 8 hours in one stretch.  amazing!  keep it up sweet girl.  while i will miss our special time together in the middle of the night, i must admit that your face looks even more adorable and yummy after a good night's sleep.  another milestone.  i can't wait to see what you will show us next.

love, your mama