dear peanut {one month}


today, you, my sweet little miss elinor, are one month old.  it went by so fast and yet, it seems like you have been here with us all along.  you have transitioned so seamlessly and wonderfully into our family.  and we sure do love our little family.  it makes me all gushy knowing that you are a month older, a few ounces chubbier, a little less newborn-y.  but, we are loving each new day.  you are growing and learning new things...and delighting us anew.  you spend more and more of your day awake and wide-eyed which is such a delight.  those "i sleep for 20 hours a day" weeks in the beginning come in handy for catching up on errands and household tasks and naps but they are a total eyes seeing your baby personality is where it's at!  and you even have teeny tiny tears now when you cry.  and you really, truly look at me now.  and your gaze follows me as a walk around.  you are a perfect little eater and sleeper.  just amazing.  you must get the eating skills from your papa and the sleeping skills from your mama.  and we will take that combo!  plus, you love a schedule.  that consistency allows you to just relax and go about your day with such happiness and contentment.  and when you eat, you go for it.  and when you sleep, it is serious business.  i like to think that you get your intensity and love of planning and scheduling from me...

miss elinor, i prayed for you before i knew you.  i loved you before i met you.  and i continue to fall more and more in love as i get to know you.  you have your papa and i by the heartstrings.  we can't wait to see how you continue to grow and develop and amaze us.  we already like your little personality a whole lot and anticipate such fun in the coming weeks and months and years as we continue to bond as family of three, see even more of "you" come out, and increase in our love for you.

love, love, love,

your mama