dear peanut

dear peanut,

this has been quite a week.  and may i just say that i am slightly overwhelmed that you are already THREE WEEKS OLD!  and, you are starting to fill out your 0-3 clothing!  you are such a good little eater...even though you occasionally ooze some of your food onto your papa.  burp cloths are his new best friend.  it's all about the defense.

we have gone on many strolls together in the neighborhood, through parks, and around outdoor shopping areas, and you have been a trooper.  there have been visitors as well, because people want to see your cute little face!  and who can blame them.  thank you for being so good as we parade you about the city and plop you in and out of car seats and strollers and carriers.  you seem to somewhat enjoy the activity which we think is pretty great.  and especially during this festive season.  there is much to do and you go with the flow and seem to like the hustle and bustle.

we are really settling into life together and it is so good.  you know that nighttime is for sleeping and you love to be wide-eyed during the daytime so you don't miss anything that is happening around you.  the world is such a big and fascinating place for your little eyes to behold.  and i love holding you while you explore your surroundings.  i can see your brain spinning and taking it all in.  so much fun.  and then, once you have had your crash for a nap.  gotta get in all those hours.  and you are doing it beautifully.  we are so excited to watch you grow and learn in the coming days and weeks and months and years.  you are doing it all so quickly and we are just trying to keep up and rejoice with every moment.

love, your mama + your papa